What Hunter Gatherer Diet (Paleo Diet) Is

Hunter gatherer diet (also known as Paleo diet) is a nutrition plan which is based on the eating habits of the people of Paleolithic age. It is based on wild animals and plants which people millions of years ago used to eat. A modern hunter gatherer diet or paleo diet is made of nuts, roots, fish, meat etc. excluding any kind of processed and farm foods.

The basis behind the popularity of the diet is quite simple. Human beings living in the wild as hunter gatherer were physically healthy and free of ailments like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression etc. They had a clear eye sight and strong teeth. All these diseases and over weight problem arrived when we moved to the current age. Therefore, to overcome these problems, why don’t we return to hunter gatherer diet.

A paleo diet should not contain any refined food and sugar, potatoes, beans, grains, dairy products etc. which are available from farms. You are only permitted to eat berries, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, roots etc. that people in Paleolithic period used to eat.

This will notably alter the vitamin intake and lessen calorie intake. If you would like to give it a try, you may begin with getting this diet as a breakfast. And then as you get into the hang of it, you’ll be able to have it in all three meals.

A widely popular book on this diet called as the Primal Blueprint has been written by Mark Sisson, a former world-class endurance sports person with a degree in biology. In his book he presented primal blueprint diet plan based on the hunter gatherer diet and in addition suggests some other features like lifting heavy things, moving around at a slow speed, lots of sleep etc. mostly the things that hunter gatherers were accustomed to do. And he suggests that it is the ultimate way to stay fit and keep an optimum figure.

You’ll find a huge number of diet plans available today and hundreds are arriving every month, almost all of which have success rate below 10%. May be going a couple of steps back and adopting the hunter gatherer diet would be the most effective option for you.

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